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Welcome to The Luquin Sea

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This is a campaign resource and log book for a group of D&D players in the UK.

This is our first time playing a 4th edition game, based in a new homebrew campaign world that we are building together as we go, The Luquin Sea.

In short the world is a post-apocalyptic pirate infested archipelago.

If you want to know what's going on in our campaign, currently the best bet is to read The Chronicals of Clan Medrash.

If you enjoying this site or have any questions then we'd love to know.

The Player Characters

DungeonMasterSession RecordsIain Norman
RhogarMedrashThe Chronicals of Clan MedrashTony Burton
GohMemoirs of GohHarry Gardener?
AzlorSeranicusThe Book of AzlorRussell Hammond?
GarecFlintGarec's One LinersKeith Shaw

Random Quote

Harry: I think we just brought six barrels of piss on board. (EDIT)

Session Diary

Chapter One : Setting Sail

SessionOne : 13/01/2009 : Escaping the destruction of Bangeers the characters defeat a sea monster only to end up shipwrecked on an unknown island.

SessionTwo : 20/01/2009 : The party discover and infiltrate a tower full of goblin wreckers.

SessionThree : 27/01/2009 : A room full of treasure and an office full of goblins.

SessionFour : 03/02/2009 : Finally a ship and a way off the island. Unfortunately a black dragon as well.

Chapter Two : Purity or Profit

SessionFive : 24/03/2009 : Two whole pints? That's nearly an armful!

SessionSix : 31/03/2009 : Caveat emptor!

SessionSeven : 21/04/2009 : Onwards to Tradetown and Copperbottom.

SessionEight : 28/04/2009 : Fighting tooth and nail for our own ship.

Chapter Three : Old Friends, New Enemies

SessionNine : 26/05/2009 : Zombies! Attack!

SessionTen : 02/06/2009 : Return to Castle Medrash

SessionEleven : 09/06/2009 : The Hunt for Kriv

SessionTwelve : 30/06/2009 : Morningfall Summit

SessionThirteen : 07/07/2009 : Ghost Fight!

SessionFourteen : 14/07/2009 : Blood is thicker than water.

Chapter Four : Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

SessionFifteen : 21/07/2009 : Who's gonna cook now?

SessionSixteen : 28/07/2009 : To Drumkeld!

History of our Group

For a quick history of our roleplaying group see HistoryOfOurGroup.


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Reza — 17 December 2012, 16:31

Thanks for the great info dog I owe you bigigty.

chris luquin — 09 November 2012, 22:22

yee i got a sea named after my last name fresh

Tony — 05 October 2012, 04:11

This is just the perfect asnewr for all of us

Fernando — 03 October 2012, 10:54

Your poinstg lays bare the truth

Latoya — 03 October 2012, 10:33

Well put, sir, well put. I'll cretanily make note of that.

Occalsslete — 22 September 2012, 07:39

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Irais — 16 October 2011, 17:25

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Quiana — 09 August 2011, 16:48

The gneuis store called, they're running out of you.

Wanita — 09 August 2011, 09:51

This article achieved exactly what I wanetd it to achieve.

Milly — 09 August 2011, 04:25

Stlealr work there everyone. I'll keep on reading.

James — 01 August 2009, 23:15

Hi Iain, I've dropped you an email but I think it may have got lost in your spam filter again - did you receive it?

Iain Norman — 20 July 2009, 13:31

Who are you Dn D Girl?

DnDGirl — 15 July 2009, 09:49

Rhogar killed Kriv!!!1! No way!!1!!! Cant wait 4 update to Rhogars jornal.

Iain — 01 July 2009, 12:39

James, drop us an email and we can chat. See the contact page.

Antony — 01 July 2009, 09:38

I'm think there is room in our group, if Iain hasn't contacted you. I'll let him know you want to join.

James — 30 June 2009, 22:05

Hi! I've just moved to Watford and I am looking for a local D&D group. I really do not want to travel to London if I can avoid it. I've played forth edition before and really want to get back into the game. Do you have space for one more?

Iain Norman — 29 June 2009, 08:12

Sure Mike, I've emailed you.

Mike — 18 June 2009, 22:38

guys u got space for one more... never done roleplaying before but id be up for trying if you dont mind a newcomer?

Iain Norman — 13 May 2009, 21:03

The map is done mostly in Photoshop. I'll put some details on the LuquinSea page.

chris — 09 May 2009, 20:13

hey, I am a DM in stafford, but that's not important, what is, is that I love your map. How did you make it?

Richard — 30 March 2009, 09:24

Really great start to a campaign here. Enjoying reading the journals.