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People we have met or heard of

This list can further be refined by other categories:

Alexi Von Zarovich - Emperor of the Grumlin Empire
Alistare Grimble - Mage friend of Fizpon's
Annastrianna - The party's friendly ship that accompanies them
Azlor Seranicus - Russell's Character
Christophe De Laney - Cleric of Tiamat
Devlin Quarrion - Ex-Captain and wife of Annastrianna
Eustace Marshallwick - Senator Prime of the Federation of Commerce
Father Keggry - Guilt-ridden priest of Krater
Fizpon - Deva Mage dedicated to Clan Medrash
Garec Flint - Keith's Character
Goh - Harry's character
Jaccard Mc Nulty - Minok's harbour master
John Holman - Mayor of Krater
Kamroth De Laney - A bounty hunter
Khelsey - Rhogar's lost love
King Edwin - A noble King, his death has been branded mysterious
Kriv Thava - Rhogar's younger brother
Lucy Arach - A young ward of Clan Medrash
Ostran - One of Fizpon's previous lifetimes
Princess Alexandria - A young Princess, who has presumably been taken Prisoner
Rhogar Medrash - Tony's character
Rohan Wiseman - International man of mystery
Vrak Tiburcaux - Dragonborn ghost
Zin Hammercrag - Skilled sailor and wielder of a mighty hammer!

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