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Here's a list of all places, be they islands, towns, ports, regions and the like.

Bangeers - Island to the south west of the Estward Islands
Barovia - A small Grumlin principality north of Stormblad?
Castle Medrash - Ancestral Home of the Dragonborn Clan Medrash
Elkridge - A peaceful farming community
Ers Youla - A mist shrouded island
Estward Islands - The chain of volcanic islands that borders the eastern edge of the Luquin Sea
Freetown - Overly authoritarian paradise
Garanshima - A remote monastery
Grumlin - The major landmass in the Grumlin Empire
Grumlin Empire - The Royal Family of Grumlin rule over what's left of this waning empire
Krater - A port of Krater Island
Krater Island - A small island in the north
Luquin Sea - The campaign play area
Minok - Dirty mining town
Pelorminster - Most southerly of the Estward Islands
Sawraw - Capital city and seat of government in the Grumlin Empire
Smelters Rest - Dockside Inn at Minok
Swinwick - Large Federal port. Home of Commerce navy
The Lonely Trawler - Freetown inn
Zork - The second largest island that forms what remains of the Grumlin Empire

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