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Quotes. I'll make ya famous!

Iain: Hand me your character sheet. Keith: Why? Iain: I can't allow drowning to go unpunished. (EDIT)

Harry: And Azlor played ping pong with a goblins head! (EDIT)

Iain: There may be something else in the undergrowth. Russell: It's Timon! (EDIT)

Harry: They'd say scone. Iain: Right! Middle class goblins eh? Harry: They've got a desk! (EDIT)

Antony: You say 'tomarto' I say 'tomayto'. Harry: Yeah, but that's just silly. (EDIT)

Quarion: Go to hell you rutting whores. Rhogar: Okay let's go. Leave him to die. Quarion: You'll not get my ship! Rhogar: Ship? Right let's go talk to him. (EDIT)

Tony: Do you have a flag? (EDIT)

Jaccard McNulty: Could you let go of my throat [choking noise]. (EDIT)

Garec: I bought them from someone in a bar. [Makes insane bluff check]. Jaccard McNulty: Here have 1500gp. (EDIT)

Harry: I think we just brought six barrels of piss on board. (EDIT)

Keith: Let's go to the Greenfin and get our reward then. DM: You can't find a ship called the Greenfin. Keith: I think we've been had. (EDIT)

Fizpon: I'm sorry Rhogar, I couldn't save her. Rhogar: Who are you? Fizpon: I was Ostran ... I think. (EDIT)

Kriv: Don’t fret. The darkness of Zehir will fall upon you soon enough. (EDIT)

Vrak Tiburcaux: My soldiers and I mean to do you no harm, but our preference will become meaningless if you persist here. (EDIT)

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