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Azlor Seranicus

Azlor, Human Cleric.

After years of service as altar boy for Pelor, the time had come for Azlor to conduct his first ritual in the main chapel; but no one had any idea about what was to come, instead, he announced that from that day he now follows the ways of Kord, and would not go on with the ritual. This caused much embarrassment and dismay amongst the clergy, soon after they came to the decision to have Azlor banished from Pelorminster, a decision that his father reluctantly agreed to.

Azlor came to this, what most of them thought, rash decision, because he felt that worship of Kord is right for him, he felt it to be more true to himself, better suiting his fighting nature, he's always been eager to swing his mace for righteousness.

Now that he's left with little choice but to leave Pelorminster he's gone to join up with fellow outcasts and adventurers defending the weak and cracking the skulls of the wicked so he says.

Azlor is 21 years old, quite tall at 6"1, on his face he keeps a rough goatee which is brown like the rest of his untampered, some would say scruffy, long hair, his right eye twinkles with a mysterious bluish-silver glint, he also has a silver ring on his left index finger, which has been there as long as he can remember, he says he can't remove it even after numerous attempts. He has a particularly war-like appearance: chain mail, helm, large shield(which is now bearing Kord's emblem) and his mean looking mace that looks attractively worn from dedicated use.

As said before Azlor is a keen fighter, and is quick to pull out his mace in a confrontation. In group related situations he is quite different, he is easy-going and overall quite peaceful, so he is usually happy to go along with what his peers would be happiest doing, he doesn't like being too bossy or trying to force people to do things just because he thinks it's best he's fairly modest amongst friends. Regarding to ethics, he does like to be known as the good guy, but he doesn't tend to agree so much with the government laws, he sees half of it as ways of simply controlling the people to better themselves.