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Bangeers Chronicle

News from the Port of Bangeers

By your port reporter Dhavked Shattershield

Breaking News!

Those magical meddlers up in their tower of Magewick? are rumoured to have been toying within the bowels of our mountain. As they continue to flirt with the anti-magik laws, they are also flirting with potential disaster. Let us not forget that is was magik that destroyed The World That Was following the events of The Great Eruption. Well if those pesky mages are not careful we could be looking at an eruption of our own, which is not what the New World needs right now.

Misty Mystery

Ships travelling from the Federation? are still reporting that the island of Ers'Youla remains shroaded in a strange mist. Ships that have entered this mist have not been seen again. It's been three months now since the mist was first reported.

Missing Eladrin Pinnacle

The Eladrin Pinacle, Annastrianna has been reported as officially missing now. She left the port of Eladrinelle? more than 8 weeks ago. The current popular theory is that she fell afoul of goblin pirates. If anyone sees her, the people of Eladrinelle would dearly love to have her back, particularly given that Eladrin ships are infused with souls from the Feywild?.


Bouncer Required

Pete the Pump? of the Salty Wench Inn? is looking for a strong person to mind his door of the evenings.

Guards Wanted

Alistare Grimble, Gnomish inventor, requires a couple of guards to look after his latest project while he attends to business around town.

Looking for a Ships Cook

The Federal galleon, The Duke of Swinwick, requires an experienced licensed ships cook for a 2 year contract.