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Luquin Sea

Here's a map of the area.

Here's an even bigger version suitable for printing out: SuperLargeMap.jpg

Someone asked how this map was made...

I used to use Campaign Cartographer and struggled with its CAD based interface for a number of years. I also struggled with getting a more polished look out of it. I toyed with some of the other mapping software available.

Then I started playing around with what could be done in illustrator.

Finally I moved onto photoshop. Initially inspired by Christopher West's realistic style I spent ages doing some very intricate maps similar to Mr West's.

Such as this unfinished map of Port Jonna. A port that crops up in more than one of my campaign worlds.

This Chris West style is very labour intensive, at least the way I was doing it. Mostly all drawn by hand with a WACOM stylus!

For this campaign I wanted a more weathered feel and liked the look of S.John Ross's stuff for Uresia.

I picked up some tips from a youtube series of Photoshop cartography vids. A good thing to examine if interested in using Photoshop for mapping.

I do commissions. (

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