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Chronicals of Clan Medrash

182nd year under the New Year Reckoning

New Moon : First Moon : 542NYR

I have been searching now for almost a year and a half, I still have had no luck in finding Kriv or Ostran for that matter. I fear that I am not as strong as I believed. I thought I could find the ones responsible for the sacking of Castle Medrash and get the answers I am looking for. But that has turned out to a failure, I need help fast or this mission will claim my life.

My travels have led me to the port of Freetown; it is a quaint little port where people live their everyday lives to earn a little profit. I will continue my search and ask as many questions as I can.

I have to keep trying though for the sake of my clan, the captive humans and my beloved Khelsey.

Growing Crescent Eve : First Moon : 542NYR

I spent my first night in Freetown. I managed to buy a room in The Golden Sands Tavern. When I first stepped in, I received a massive stare from the punters. I am guessing they have never seen a dragonborn of my size before.

I have managed to befriend the landlord, Heilyn Bevyn?. He has told me that he has never seen a dragonborn of my build before in Freetown. I did not want to pressure the man with my problems until the next morning. I will ask if he has heard of anything, or knows anyone who I can acquire information form.

Growing Crescent : First Moon : 542NYR

I have spoken to Heilyn, about why I am in Freetown. He has given me his sympathy on the matter. He has told me that he has heard nothing to do with dragonborns what so ever.

He has told though, that there has been some mysterious goings on in the port of Bangeers. He has suggested that I travel there, to try and get some answers. He has assured me that he will certainly keep his ears open, and inform me of anything regarding my situation when I next visit.

Heilyn has referred me to Captain Blakely? of The Honest Wench? for safe passage to Bangeers. Before I left, Heilyn gave me some provisions for the journey and gave me his blessing.

I spoke to the captain and explained my current situation. He requested 5gp for me to come aboard. He claimed that a man has to make a profit, I didn't want to cause a fuss so I just gave him his money. He informed me that they would set off after his crew had loaded the cargo.

Early Quarter Eve : First Moon : 542NYR

We have finally set sail for the port of Bangeers. Captain Blakely has informed me we will be in Bangeers on the Early Quarter.

The crew on board have been giving me the cold stare, I honestly cannot say what they are thinking. They maybe scared or curious, I don't know. I suppose I would be scared if a mysterious 6"10 dragonborn was on a ship, not knowing what he will do.

I will just remain by on deck, by the captain as he steers the ship.

Early Quarter : First Moon : 542NYR

We have been sailing for two days now, last night was quiet on the seas.

Below deck the crew had chicken for dinner, it smelled lovely. The captain offered me a plate, the taste was certainly as good as the smell.

I remained on deck though as I did not want to cause any friction between the crew and myself. The crew broke out the ale I believe, and from what I can tell they were playing a game of three dragon ante. I laughed to myself as there was one particular man who thought he was far superior to the others. I thought, he wouldn't be as cocky if I was playing.

By the time morning came you could make out Bangeers through the morning mist. The crewman in the crows nest, shouted "Bangeers off the port bow". My spirit began to lift, as my search can continue really soon.

Fat Moon Eve : First Moon : 542NYR

We have now docked in Bangeers. I bid the Captain farewell and went in search of information.

One thing that really caught my eye was the volcano, I noticed smoke coming from the top.

I tried to speak to a civilian, but she just ran in fright of my stature. The town seemed a bit worried, although they didn't seem to be worried about the volcano. They were worried about me!

I made my way to the Salty Wench Inn?. It was a bit of a grotty inn. As I walked in, it was very dark and dismal. There were a few drunks in there, they didn't run in terror probably because they were too drunk to realise.

I walked up to the landlord. He was quite scruffy with a little pot belly beer gut. He said to me that he hasn't seen a dragonborn here in a long time, and then he asked himself where his manners were before introducing himself.

His name was Pete as in Pete the Pump? as he liked to be called, he seemed very proud of it too. I said I was looking for someone briefly described why I was in Bangeers.

He said that many races come and go in Bangeers, but no one really seems to state their business these days. He added that the civilians tend to keep themselves distant from travellers, thus my cold welcoming earlier!

I asked him about the volcano, and he assured me no to worry as it always does it. He said he was looking for a strong hand to mind his tavern, he asked if I might be interested and mentioned that I may overhear some conversations that might give me the answers I'm looking for.

Fat Moon : First Moon : 542NYR

Well I have spent my first day, as the bouncer of the Salty Wench Inn. I just sit in a dark corner of the inn, watching many people come in and out. But I have heard no information that might help me in my quest, I realise now that I need help. But where can I find that?

Pete gave me a copy of the Bangeers Chronicle; it was very interesting to read. Two articles caught my attention. Firstly the trouble brewing in Magewick?. Could Ostran be there? Or is it just some pranksters? I may need to investigate. The other article was about the Missing Eladrin Pinnacle?, if I could find this ship and help save the captain maybe I could persuade him to use the ship to aid me in my quest?

One thing is for sure I cannot remain here feeling sorry for myself.

Full Moon Eve : First Moon : 542NYR

Well it is my second day in Bangeers, I continue to sit in the dark corner of the Salty Wench. I still have not heard any information that can help me, I have however seen many people come and go who look skilled enough to help me.

I have also seen some strange beings too. Three people stick in my mind.

Two of them I have seen walking around town together, one has white hair and a wicked scar through his right eye. He carries around with him two pistols, and is dressed all in black.

The other man looks somewhat younger than his companion. He has a rough goatee, and genuinely looks scruffy from the outside. But I have always been taught to never judge a book by its cover, he on the other hand wears chain mail and his appearance is a lot more warming than that of his companion.

I have noticed that he carries around with him, a large shield and mace. There is an emblem on his shield, but I cannot make out what the symbol is.

The last man I have seen seems very mysterious. I'd describe him as ghost like, you see him one moment and then he's gone. The only description of him is his eyes that are all you can see. The rest of him is covered, he carries around with him two very finely cut blades.

The mountain still continued to leak smoke, although today that was only the beginning of a worse series of events.

The ground began to shake rapidly; there were lots of screams coming from outside the Inn. Pete rushed outside to see what the commotion was about. He came back in and began to pack his belongings. I just remained in my dark corner, and watched him flurry around his bar packing.

He said to me, "Do you have a death wish? The bloody volcanos erupted."

How ironic I thought!

Before I could say anything to him, he had already rushed out the door. I finished my ale, and decided to venture outside. All of the civilians were fleeing to the docks, and in the distance I could see molten lava explode into the sky.

A few houses were on fire from the blasts, and giant fire balls rained from the heavens killing many.

I noticed the three men I had witnessed the other day, fleeing too. I decided to follow. Maybe this was the blast I needed?

There was a huge commotion as the civilians fought their way onto the remaining ships. The three men however, got passage onto the Khaled?. The ships began to set sail, even the Khaled. I began to run and jump. I managed to make a huge leap onto the Khaled, which amazed many.

Behind me was a small girl who tried to do the same. She managed to grab on, barely, she was hanging for her dear life. "My baby!" shouted her mother, I lent over the back of the ship and pulled her safely onboard. Her mother thanked me, but I did not have time to bath in glory.

The tremors from the volcano must have disturbed the sea. The Khaled jolted, knocking many to the ground. The captain, a small podgy dwarf suspected that we may have hit a reef. But from the right side of the ship, an evil ancient sea monster? had risen from the dark depths of the sea.

The masked man managed to deal a solid blow to the monster, but it was not enough to kill it. Unfortunate for me I was too far away to strike it with my Greatsword.

The monster's retaliation to the blow was to attack and kill a few of the civilians.

The white haired man pulled out a magic rod from his black cape. He uttered some sort of spell, which sprayed deadly fire onto the monster causing it to bleed.

The man with the shield dealt a deadly blow with his mace, as I shot the monster with my trusty blunderbuss. Our final blows made sure it was dead.

Unfortunately after the battle I discovered one of the civilians that had died was the young girl’s mother. I looked after her that night, and learnt that her name is Lucy. I feel it is my responsibility now to look after this girl, as she has no relatives. I am the only family she has now.

I finally met the three strangers. I have now learned their names.

The man with the scar and white hair is named Garec Flint, a man with some religious background.

The scruffy looking man is Azlor Seranicus, a cleric of the deity Kord? which is the symbol on his shield. Apparently he was banished from the town of Pelorminster.

The masked man is an Eladrin called Goh, a man of mystery. All he has told me is his name.

After the battle the men decided to get some rest, I remained on deck with the captain. I learnt that the dwarf captain is Zin Hammercrag; he told me that he has practically lived his whole life at sea.

In the late evening a storm struck the ship, Garec, Azlor and Goh ran on deck and asked what was happening. I told them that we are caught in a storm, and Zin shouted "You better brace yourselves, we're in for a bumpy ride." The storm was far too aggressive, and before we knew it the Khaled was destroyed.

I was washed up on an island with Garec, Goh, Azlor, Lucy, Zin, and a young lad called Cuthbert?. The rest unfortunately were claimed by the sea. Goh decided to go and scout the area while I collected wood for a fire.

All of us seemed tired and a little battle worn, we all agreed that we would be glad when the new day comes.

A few hours later Goh returned, informing us that he had found a strange looking tower on the west coast of the island. We decided that we would investigate the mysterious tower, while Zin, Lucy and Cuthbert remained at the camp.

As night came we decided that Goh would take the first watch, and I would take second. Goh's watch passed with no signs of danger, my watch started.

Full Moon : First Moon : 542NYR

Well what a night we had, certainly had our moment of surprise as it were. Partway through my watch, my attention was directed to the tree line. A blood curdling roar or scream deafened the camp, before I could alert the others a huge boar burst out of the tree line. It came charging with all haste in my direction, it collided with me only knocking me down to one knee. Any of the other and it would have sent them flying into the camp fire. All this commotion disturbed Goh's meditation and he alerted the others.

I got myself back up to a vertical base, the boar though was no match for the five of us Zin included. Goh dealt the final blow to this enemy, by leaping from the air and bring his blades down into the gut of the boar.

The rest of the night went by, with no more problems.

In the morning, we cooked the boar and had it for breakfast. Very tender and filling! Once we had finished, myself and Goh decided to investigate the outside of the tower. The others remained nearer the camp, as they searched for food and other provisions.

Half way through the day, me and Goh reached the tower. It looked as though, it was built from some sort of ancient stone. The way it sat on the cliff, top looked as though it was about to fall into the sea at any moment.

From what I could tell the tower was likely built in the old world, and is now ready to fade and let the new world take over. From the positioning of the windows of the tower, it looked as though it had three floors. The top floor was opened with archways going around it.

The tower was probably a light house or something. Goh noticed that there was an unlit fire at the top of the tower, with two goblins standing watch. I hate them little bastards!

I managed to sneak past their watch and peer down the cliff side, the waves attacked the cliffs with no mercy whatsoever. There were sharp rocks with broken ships, through the salty spray of the sea there were a number of goblins searching through the wreckages. Probably for some sort of lost treasure.

As the sun rose to its highest point of the day a black sailed barque arrived. From what I could tell, it looked as though it was crewed by at least fifty goblins. What on earth are these cretins up to?

The ship made its way carefully through the sharp jagged rocks, into a cave cut into the cliff face. About an hour later it sailed out of the cave, much higher in the water presumably lighter yet still crewed by lots of goblins. Goh and I decided to leave, as the ship sailed in the distance.

We travelled back to the camp to inform the others. Garec had told us that Cuthbert found some buried treasure. It consisted of some gold, a potion, a barrel of wine, and a bronze spyglass.

Goh began to tell the others about the ancient tower, when we noticed out at sea a ship. Garec took the spyglass to see if the ship could help us out of our predicament, he noticed that it was the Duke of Swinwick?, a ship that left Bangeers the same time as the Khaled. We tried to signal it but apparently it was sailed by government officials that harassed Garec and Azlor.

The ship ignored us and kept sailing, we had agreed that Garec, Azlor, Goh and myself would investigate the tower further while the others stay at the camp. We promised them that if we found a means of escape, we would return to pick them up.

Nightfall came, and the four of us reached the tower. We discussed how we should infiltrate it.

Goh went in first stealthily. He scouted the corridor of doors to hear of any movement before the rest of us entered.

Now in the corridor, there were four doors two on each side. Goh and Garec entered stealthily into the first door on the left, they both silently killed eight sleeping goblins. Me and Azlor prepared to enter the door opposite, while Garec prepared to enter the second door on the right while Goh prepared to tackle the second door on the left.

We all counted to three and then entered. Azlor and I burst into a room of more goblins, with which we fought a long battle, until Garec came to help.

After our room was goblin free, Garec said about a huge dark pit in the room he entered.

Goh returned from what looked like the kitchen, with a hostage presumably the cook which we named Splug?.

We interrogated Splug, to learn that the goblin chief’s chambers were on the floor above, as was a treasure room. He also said that the pit was roughly 80ft. Garec assured us that there is some rope that we can use to descend the pit. Although we had all agreed that we would venture to the floor above, before descending the 80ft pit.

Wasting Moon Eve : First Moon : 542NYR

We had decided on ascend a ladder, to the first floor of the tower. According to our captive, Splug, he informed us that there were two rooms upstairs. On the left was his boss Trob?'s office, and on the right was the treasure room. No doubt full of junk, as this is goblins we are talking about.

We gagged Splug and hung him on a hook on a nearby wall, so that he would not alert others as to our whereabouts. We stealthily approached the treasure room first, Garec slowly opened the door. I was very surprised it did not alert others, as it was so creaky.

Unfortunately he triggered a trap of spears, which rose from the floor piercing his leg. Azlor rushed to the aid of our companion, the room itself was pitch black. Deep in the darkness, was a screechy howling noise. Before we knew it we were attacked by two Guard Drakes, we managed to fight them off considering our bad start of infiltrating the room.

After the battle, we actually came across some worthy stuff amongst the accumulated crap of the goblins. We found some nice gauntlets which I kept, a thundering mace for Azlor, Goh kept a vicious short blade, and Garec kept some nice leather armour.

With the treasure room secure, we focused on this Trob's office. We decided on a surprise attack, Garec blasted the doors open with his flintlocks, while I threw a fiery bottle.

The bottle exploded dealing a huge amount of damage to the goblins inside, although it was not enough to kill them. We all entered, Garec and Goh entered first while me and Azlor entered last.

We fought a tough battle, but we managed to dispose of Trob and his guards. After the battle we decided to have a rest before descending the pit, the room was very bleak and depressing. It had an old mouldy table and chairs. Opposite them was a tattered old bit of cloth used as a curtain, behind the curtain was an old bed.

After our rest, we descended the 80ft pit using the rope Garec acquired earlier. About 20ft down the pit, we came to a small room. The room was filled with iron bars; it turned out to be a prison. Luckily there were no more goblin guards here, although we heard some sick coughing echoing in the room.

In one of the cells, was an old Eladrin captain. I immediately thought he was some sort of shape changer, why I don't know. Maybe I felt he seemed eager to join us, I certainly had a shallow moment when I only decided to help him once I found out he had a ship.

After talking to him, he told us his name was Devlin Quarrion. He said he was sailing his ship, when it got hijacked by goblin pirates. From the story, it was very clear that this was the ship mentioned in the Bangeers Chronicle.

He also told us that the ship was still docked here at the tower, in a cave. Apparently the goblins were trying to board the ship and sail it, but it is locked and can't be used unless you utter the name of the ship, Annastrianna.

He said he was suffering from some sort of disease and that we should remain clear of him, that was why he was coughing. He also requested that we save his ship and reunite him with her. With all of us agreeing to save the ship, we suggested that I would come for him once the ship was saved.

We left the captain, and continued to descend the pit. After a while Garec and the others managed to reach the bottom, me however I ended up being distracted. I hadn't reached the bottom yet, and I had a flashback from my past.

Before I knew it I had let go of the rope, I had fallen some way but not enough to injure myself. The others helped to get me back to my feet, when I looked around and we were in a little cavern.

In front of us was a little tunnel of rocks leading to an opening, from what we could see there were goblins in the opening. Suddenly there was a great big roar, as if from a dragon.

We ventured to the opening. It was the cave which I saw earlier. To the right of us you could see out to sea, and docked was the captive Eladrin ship the Annastrianna. The cave was dark and dismal, jagged sharp rocks filled the cave covering most of the floor and ceiling.

There were many goblins patrolling around, yet there was a small group around a very large cage. They were pulling out what ever was inside; suddenly they pulled out a small Black Dragon?. It looked as though it was a youngling, and very angry.

It destroyed most of the goblins with its deadly acid fire breath, we finished off the others. Once the goblins were all dead, we tried to reason with the Dragon. But unfortunately it was too angry for that. A fight broke out and it dealt a huge amount of damage to me and Azlor.

But after a long and gruelling battle, I had a huge adrenaline rush and sliced the Dragons head clean off its neck. I picked the head up and shoved it in a sack as a trophy.

With the ship now safe, Garec did the honours of unlocking the Annastrianna by chanting her name. She was a glorious ship to look at. It looked as though she was built with a huge amount of delicacy.

On the front of the ship was a carving of a beautiful woman, it reminded me of Khelsey's beauty. With ship unlocked, I went to retrieve her captain. I tied a cloth around my snout, so I would not inhale the disease which consumed Captain Quarrion.

We placed the captain in his quarters, as Azlor healed him in order to slow the disease.

Realising none of us were skilled to sail a ship, I ran back for Zin and the others. With everyone onboard, we set sail, with Zin at the helm and Splug in the kitchen.

We came across the Ship's Manifest and we consulted Captain Quarrion about this. He requested that we carry out these tasks before sailing him back home. We decided to carry out the sick captains wishes, Goh came across a fine cut Short Blade in a case. In the case was an assassination note?, for the Mayor of Copperbottom?. With these in our possession, we are sailing for Minok for some answers hopefully.

Wasting Moon : First Moon : 542NYR

After about a days sail, we finally docked at Minok. It was a very grotty port, and looked very polluted. From a distance at sea, you couldn't make a port out. That is how thick the fog was!

We were welcomed by the local guards, who recognised the Annastrianna. The guards wondered where Captain Quarrion was, Garec explained how the ship was taken hostage. He also explained about the illness that has taken a hold of the captain too, and that his life hangs by a thread if he isn't medically treated properly.

The guards wanted to know how the ship happened to come into our possession. That’s when Azlor and Garec explained all the events that'd occurred since Bangeers.

Garec said that we were carrying out the orders written on the ships manifest. The guards informed our party that we needed to go to the Harbour Master's office, to pay our docking fee and declare our cargo.

We bid the guards farewell and travelled to the Harbour Master. In the office we were greeted by an official who called himself Cain?, he asked what our business was in Minok.

Garec informed Cain on who we were, and that we had some antique paintings for a Mr. Jaccard McNulty. Azlor asked where we may find this man; Cain informed us that Jaccard McNulty is the Harbour Master of Minok.

Cain made arrangements to have the paintings inspected, although all through the conversation I felt some hostility from Cain. He kept looking at me in an evil, sly way.

We left the office to fetch the paintings, outside the office Cain tried to surprise attack me.

He had a very large sack with which, from what I can tell, he wanted to capture me.

I quickly turned round to face Cain slicing him in half with my Greatsword, before we know it the party was ambushed by Cain's lackeys. They weren't much of a competition and the Battle was over very quickly, although a little dwarf managed to escape.

The guards appeared asking what all the commotion was all about, we explained what had transpired. I searched Cain's body for any information, to give a reason for his actions.

I found a letter? and a very mysterious piece of paper?. The letter asked for me either dead or alive, either way the person wanted at least two pints of my blood. The letter was very hard to read as it was covered in blood, we decided to split up, Goh decided to go and interrogate the dwarf, Garec decided to try and make a profit with the paintings while me and Azlor went looking for answers.

I decided to see the Harbour Master, I ordered Azlor to remain outside for his own good. He pleaded with me to not do anything stupid, although I was enraged with anger. I stormed into the office and found Jaccard McNulty.

I asked him questions about Cain’s actions. Jaccard however was drunk, even while on duty. He failed to give me reasonable answers to my questions. He pissed me off so much that I grabbed him by the neck and dragged him over the desk.

His face was now level with mine, the pupils of my eyes vanished and my eyes glowed in order to intimidate him. He realised I was being serious and managed to still tell me he knew nothing, believing that he was telling the truth my eyes returned to their original state and I released the choke hold and left.

I feel I have become weak, people and other races used to tremble at my presence. I used to be the hunter, but I have allowed myself to end up being the hunted and that cannot be accepted. All the beings in this world need to realise, “If you stand before me, you will fall before me!”

Azlor and I travelled to The Smelters Rest?, in order to find out more about Cain and his background. We weren’t very successful, but we did however find out where he lived. His quarters were around the corner, in a little cellar.

We made our way to the cellar to find out more about Cain, although as we got there Goh came out of the door. I asked what he was doing.

He told me that he had followed the dwarf to this cellar. He said that he interrogated the dwarf to find out that Cain had been hired by a cleric called Christophe DeLaney.

I asked him about the status of the dwarf, Goh replied “All you need to know is that he won’t be informing anyone of our presence!!” I noticed a small spot of blood on his clothing, I didn't confront Goh about that but I presume he killed the dwarf for whatever reason.

Goh is a mysterious man, who I cannot seem to understand. It seems he lives by his own rules, and not of the Deity's. As an honourable Dragonborn, I do not approve of his incisive killing. I will need to keep a close eye on his actions in the future, as I believe it will jeopardise the party.

The three of us made our way back to the ship, Garec was already waiting. Azlor asked how the selling of the paintings went, Garec said it was hard but he managed to bluff to Jaccard. Garec said that we managed to receive 1500gp for the paintings, we then explained what we had found out about Cain.

We decided to firstly complete the ships manifest, and then get to the bottom of the situation involving myself. We left Minok and set sail for Freetown.

Late Quarter's Eve : First Moon : 542NYR

After the fiasco in Minok, we travelled to Freetown. It was very comforting to be back, I was well assured that there would be no trouble considering the actions of the town folk when I last visited.

We docked the ship and decided to check out the town, Azlor decided to stay on the ship. I do hope he is ok, the other night a fever came over him. From what I can tell, I think he has caught the lung rot disease that befell Quarrion.

Speaking of Quarrion, there does seem to be an improvement in his condition. He managed to make it on deck to taste a bit of the sea air. He seemed very pleased to be able to take in the outside scenery once again. I can tell he misses home, you can see it in his eyes. I feel he has lost someone close to him, just like me.

Lucy is a very intriguing girl, she has adapted into a mature young lady under my watch. She is not as shy as she once was, yet she still grieves for the loss of her mother. I look at the young girl as my own child now, and heck I believe she looks at me as a father figure.

Zin, well is, Zin. He is an amazing dwarf that is always in high spirits. I sometimes ask myself is their anything in the world that dampens this dwarfs spirits? He lives for the sea, which is very obvious. I am very proud to have him in our company and I hope that after our various adventures we will be friends for many moons.

Splug still slaves away in the kitchen, and even though he is of goblin nature he has proved himself loyal. Goh has taught him well, and I think it might be safe to call him friend.

Myself, Garec and Goh discussed with Zin and Lucy to remain on the ship to look after it and watch over the others. Freetown looked exactly the same as it did when I last visited, I warned the others to watch their actions.

They seemed a bit curious as to why I said this, as there were no guards to answer to. I informed them that Guards would be the least of their worries, and that the town are quite capable of defending themselves!

I told them of the thief I saw being beaten for an offense. My two companions were a bit surprised, and I think that wanted to leave as soon as possible. We looked at the notice board at the dock. There were a few notices here.

One was news of the rescue of the Annastrianna, we felt proud as it was stated in the notice of our company which rescued her.

There was a notice of safe passage through Eladrinelle?, we believed that this maybe our assassin friend!!

There was also a beer notice and a notice for myself. It informed of a package waiting for me, at The Lonely Trawler Inn?.

While trying to read the notice we were distracted by a drunk, he was surrounded by many barrels, I presume full of beer. No one seem to be taking any notice of him.

Garec however said “When we have delivered this sword, I’m going to buy some beer!” I informed him didn't need beer, but Garec being Garec insisted he did.

We made our way to the Lonely Trawler. We walked in and it looked as though it had just opened, as not many people were in. It was a very dark and dismal kind of place really.

Behind the bar was a blonde haired woman, and let’s just say that her chest was some what large! We went up to the bar, where the women introduced herself as Dorian?. Garec asked a glass of milk, and I consulted her about the notice. She informed me that she didn't know who came by, but only that he left this.

From behind the bar she gave me a small box, in it was the Bracelet? I had given Khelsey to show my love and affection. I grasped the Bracelet tight, and read the letter.

The letter was very brief, and stated that the person came looking for me. That he would wait for me at Krater, he said look for a blonde haired man wearing chainmail. It was signed "By an old friend". I folded the letter and tucked it away in my satchel, and the bracelet I wore on my right wrist.

I told the others, that I would travel to The Golden Sands. They said they would stay and deliver the sword, and find out what they could about this assassin.

I left my companions, and headed off to the Golden Sands. As I approached the tavern, it looked exactly as I left it. I stopped outside to just take in the atmosphere once more, that’s when I saw Heilyn.

He came out to give the outside step a good sweep, and trotted off inside. A warm smile came across my face, as I continued to the tavern. It was exactly the same inside too; it still had that warm comforting glow about the place.

“Well if it isn't Rhogar Medrash!!” Heilyn said form the bar.

I told him that it was great to see him; he asked what brought me back to Freetown and how my search was going. I explained all of the events that had transpired since our last meeting, and this so called “old friend” who has been asking after me.

Heilyn informed me that he had not heard of anyone around town asking for myself, and said it has been quiet around these parts, apart from the loon outside surrounded by beer barrels. He moaned about the loon scaring off his custom, but there was no use in trying to reason with the man as he is too drunk to understand.

We had a great time exchanging stories, I told him that unfortunately I must leave and carry on in my search for my enemies. We bid each other farewell, and I left the tavern.

As I stepped outside, Goh ran up to me. Out of breat, he informed me that we have tracked down the assassin's house and believed they were in there. We ran to meet Garec outside the house.

Garec stated that it was good to have me back. The house was just outside the main centre of the town. We all agreed that an attack of brute force was out of the question, as the house might be full of traps.

We hid in a large bush not far from the house, which was a good vantage point to view it.

After a while a woman came out, she was a very attractive woman. She was the assassin! We could tell this as she wasn't very discrete, in her appearance. This woman was dressed to kill!

We let her get a reasonable distance ahead, and then we followed her to the centre of town. She walked to the Notice board, where she placed a notice of her own. It stated that she wanted to book a passage to Copperbottom, and that she would be waiting in the Lonley Trawler. We then realised that the earlier notice about Eladrinelle was not from her.

Garec suggested that we give her passage, I was against the idea. I didn't see how helping someone to kill a man we never met, would be acceptable. Garec said we will give her passage, but inform the Mayor of the assassin in hope of saving his life! To me I think the greed of gold, was taking over Garec again. After strategically planning, we all agreed that this was the best approach for the situation.

Garec and Goh explained about some sort of con, about a man who had lost an eye. I wasn't told much about it really, only that they managed to take 1000gp off us. It was obviously shameful on Garec's behalf.

After they both told me about the fiasco involving the sword. They said that they delivered it. Once it had been delivered, the drunken loon we saw earlier picked up the case.

They had followed him to the market place, where he sat on a bench by a fountain. Apparently he sat next to a boy and was chatting for while, and then he got up and went to the loo. Garec said he went into investigate, after Garec went in Goh witnessed the drunk leave with the case. Goh followed the drunk, while Garec noticed a figure leave the back of the loos.

The figure began to run as did Garec to keep up, Goh managed to catch the drunk and find out that the case he had was a fake. Goh burnt the case in anger, that’s when the mysterious stranger ran past with Garec in hot pursuit.

That was when Goh came and got me to go to the house, which led us to this female assassin.

Before we went to confront this assassin, Garec went to see this drunk. It was very hard to reason with him, let along understand him.

He was very scruffy, bald, and had a long beard. He said that his name was Fizpon, and then he went through a huge list of beer in his possession.

It was amazing how he managed to remember all of them, Garec asked about the assassin. But he maintained he knew nothing, which was obviously a lie!!

All Fizpon kept telling us, was that his beer was magical. I was getting angry and instead of turning to physical abuse, my eyes glowed and I snarled to show my anger. We all agreed though that the only thing to make him cooperate is to try a sample of his beer.

I said I would sample it. It looked awful and stunk of piss. It had a tingling feeling, I asked what I just drank and he replied with a drunken chuckle "A potion of strength".

Garec said to Fizpon that he will come with us, so he can get sober and be looked after.

I thought it might be a mistake, but I didn't really have a say in the matter. I took him with me on the ship, where Zin commented on his state.

Garec managed to charm the young assassin, to travel with us to Copperbotton for 20gp. He learned that her name is Brandi Lannister?, and if she is who she says she is she is quite a famous person. I have heard a lot about the Lannisters, a family who lived in the great volcano of Cauldron. I will be keeping a very close eye on her, and her actions!!

With our time in Freetown over, we set sail for Copperbottom.

Late Quarter's : First Moon : 542NYR


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