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Session Eight : Anna joins the party

Growing Crescent. 2nd Moon of the 542nd year NYR.

The party decided not to steal the Greenfinger.

Instead they captured Villmore and Kelson and took them on board the rowboat.

Villmore asked if they could drop him and Kelson off somewhere.

So Rhogar obliged and dropped in in the sea.

The party sailed back to the Annastrianna and set sail for Eladrinelle.

On the way Garec intergoated Kelson. Then he gouged out K's eye and put the glass eye in place, before dumping him on the southern tip of Tradetown.

Fat Moon. 2nd Moon of the 542nd year NYR.

The party arrive in Eladrinelle.

There is much rejoicing at the return of Annastrianna. Including excited mental exchanges between ships.

The party are welcomed at the docks and constantly thanked.

They are invited by the Eladrin Verthus to Feybury, to see the High Lord.

The High Lord holds a celebration in their honour and hands out gifts.

  • The Blade of Sacrifice for Rhogar (A +2 sacrificial greatsword).
  • The infamous Shifting Knife for Goh (A +2 dynamic dagger).
  • A magic rod for Garec (A +2 mercurial rod).
  • ??? for Azlor.
  • A compass for Zin.
  • A staff for Fizpon/Fizpan/Fizbon/Wizbin or whatever his name is.
  • A diaphanous Eladrin dress for Lucy. Not too kinky mind!

Party levelled to 3.

Session Nine