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Session Fifteen : Who's gonna cook now?

Late Quarter, 13th of 3rd Moon, 542NY (Early Evening)

Down from mountain.

14th of 3rd Moon

Arrive in village of Elkridge.

Celebrations that night.

Goh unwell.

15th of 3rd Moon

Garec chooses a plot of land

8th of 4th moon

Goh finally well. He attempts to ride the Warwing Drake. It's difficult but he manages to hold on for a while and not get thrown.

Local horse trainer says the animal appears to be bonded, it will take time to unbond him before he can be bonded to a new rider. Goh should return in a couple of Moons.

9th of 4th moon

Splug arrives on beach. Dead.

Party return to Annastrianna.

Anna tells how Splug was killed by Christophe DeLaney and Lucy was taken away, they sailed north.

Party decide to sail north for Drumkeld.

Meet goblin raiders and a burning victim ship.

Goblins head for the Annastrianna.

Everyone hides.

Killed all the goblins and released some prisoners.

Dwarven captain of burned ship takes the Goblin ship as his own.

News from up north is that Drumkeld has been destroyed in a huge attack of zombies, risen from the graves and cememtaries of the town.

Zin is rather dismayed at this news as Drumkeld is his home town.

Session Sixteen