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Session Five : What does Exsanguinate mean?

Early Evening. 10th Day, First Moon 542NYR

Goblin Tower Underdock

After collecting Zin and the children the nameless party of adventurers leave for Minok. On the way Splug cooks some incredibly tasty Black Dragon Steaks.

Azlor spent some time tending to Captain Quarrion, let's hope he doesn't develop a cough.

Mid Morning. Wasting Moon (11th day), First Moon 542NYR

Arrival in the choking cloud covered port of Minok.

On arrival the Annastrianna was recognised. Guards informed the party that they should register with the Dock Master's office to pay docking fees and declare cargo.

Docking fees were paid to Cain?, the official in the office. Cargo for JaccardMcNulty was declared. Turned out to be the Harbor Master himself, and just in the office behind. Arrangements were made to inspect the paintings.

Outside the office Cain? and his gang tried to Kidnap Rhogar.

A letter was found on his corpse.

Goh interogated a dwarf. And murdered him in cold blood after he surrendered.

Rhogar beat up the Harbour Master a bit. He didn't want to buy the paintings any more.

Azlor and Rhogar cruised the SmeltersRest for info on Cain. Found out where he lived.

Goh tracked the other dwarf to a basement hideout. Where he snuck in and had the dwarf at his mercy. He showed no mercy though. Goh found out that Cain worked for a cleric called ChristopheDeLaney.

Meeting back at the ship everyone got ready to leave. Not before Garec bluffed McNulty and sold the paintings for 1500gp. Captain Quarrion was pleased.

On the way to Freetown

During supper that evening Rhogar was reticent to discuss the Castle Medrash Incident.

Early Morning. Late Quarter's Eve. 1st Moon of the 542nd year NRY.

Docking in Freetown

Which is where we leave everyone for this week.