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Session Nine : My Kingdom for a lawnmower

Full Moon Eve, 2nd Moon of the 542nd year (NYR)

After staying the night the party left Eladrinelle. They were warned not to attempt to retread the path to Feybury, or to attempt to travel there in anyway whatsoever without invitation.

Except for Goh who was told,

"You are welcome to return when you have found what you have lost."

Azlor is still not well and has remained with the Elves/Eladrin

The Annastrianna sailed for Krater the following crew:

Zin Hammercrag : Pilot Splug the Goblin : Ship's Cook Lucy Arech : Ship's Girl

as well as Garec, Goh and Rhogar.

On arrival at dusk in the small town of Krater, the town appeared empty. A dull groaning though could be heard from the vicinity of the Town Hall.

On approach the town hall was locked, barred, windows boarded up and surrounded by Zombies.

The party killed them all.


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