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Session One : Four heads are better than one


Full Moon's Eve, 1st Moon of the 542nd New Year in the port of Bangeers

Azlor and Garec have spent the last week guarding some mysterious crates for the gnome inventor AlistareGrimble. All of a sudden the doors to the warehouse burst open and in marches a Federal Officer with two soldiers. The officer demands that Alistair's crates be seized and confiscated.

Azlor and Garec intimidate them into leaving and they head off to find Grimble.

The mountain shakes the whole island and smoke rises from the caldera.

As the mountain grows more angry everyone converges on the SaltyWenchInn.

The mountain erupts and everyone heads for the docks.

AlistareGrimble makes for his mysterious crates.

Garec makes it onto the Khaled, and makes it worth the Captains while.

Azlor too reaches the relative safety of the extremely crowded Khaled.

Goh feysteps onto the ship, avoiding the crush.

Bringing up the rear Rhogar has to jump onto the Khaled, but what a jump!

A young girl, Lucy, tries to follow, barely makes the jump and has to be pulled onboard by Rhogar.

The eruption awakens an ancient evil from the depths of the sea. A sea monster attacks the Khaled.

Goh stabs it, and by the gods does he stab it.

The sea monster retalliates by eating two refugees, including Lucy's mother.

Garec sprays deadly fire from his magical rod, the sea monster is definitely now bleeding.

A couple of more attacks from the party send the monster back to it's briney depths!

Later that evening

Garec secures a comfortable cabin for the four heroes of the hour. Even if the dwarven Captain, Zin Hammercrag has to move around 20 refugees to somewhere more crowded.

A storm is brewing it get progressivley worse until Rhogar, Azlor, Goh and Garec find themselves washed up on the beach with Captain Zin, Lucy and a young lad by the name of Cuthbert?.

Goh scouts out the area and discovers something that looks like a tower roughly 3 or 4 hours walk around the coast.

Rhogar builds a fire and watches are set for the night. Goh and Rhogar agree to reconoiter the tower in the morning.

Goh's watch goes by with little but the nightime sounds of the jungle.

He wakes Rhogar and then meditates.

Partway through Rhogars watch a blood curdling roar/scream erupts from the jungle treeline as something is about to burst out.