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Session Six : Keeping an eye

Late Quarter's Eve. 1st Moon of the 542nd year NRY.

Arrived in freetown.

Checked out noticeboard

  • Beer advert
  • Eladrinelle passage
  • Rhogar message
  • Annastrianna news

Went to Lonely Trawler.

Met Dorian.

Bought milk!

Rhogar off to the Golden Sands.

Man came in who had lost eye.

Crawling around on floor.

Eye no where to be seen.

Shift change.

Fizpon collects sword.

Goh tracks Fizpon. Garec follows Goh.

Fizpon goes to Market Square.

Sits at fountain.

Talks to young boy.

Goes to loo.

Leaves with swordcase.

Goh follows.

Garec checks look. Sees someone leaving under the small gap at the back.

Follows to house.

Goh follows Fizpon to beach, burns case.

Meets Garec.

Stakeout assassin house.

Follow woman to notice board.

Dressed to kill.

Want's taking to Copperbottom, surprise surprise!

Bought missing eye from Cleric.

Found out about drugs.

Bought some beer/piss.

Found out that the whole eye thing was a con.

Left town with Fizpon and Brandi Lannister.