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Session Ten : Return to Castle Medrash

New Moon, 3rd Moon of the 542nd year (NYR)

After dispatching 72 zombies the party stand outside the village hall listening for anything inside.

They hear the villagers listening also.

The party announce that they have killed all the monsters, the villager let them in.

John Holman son of the late Mayor, who died this very day in the zombie attack, greets them.

Two recent visitors to Krater are mentioned.

Rohan Wiseman came asking questions about Castle Medrash, where is it etc.

Christophe DeLaney had visited Father Keggry, disguised as Brother Dellaney, a wandering follower of St.Cuthbert.

The party decided to investigate the church. The church bell had been ringing for a while.

At the church they quickly disabled a number of zombies and then spoke with Father Keggry.

“Thank you for saving me from those foul creatures.”

“Where did they come from?”

Upon seeing Rhogar, Father Keggry says,

“It’s worked! It’s worked! The ritual has worked! The dragonborn have returned!”

It turned out that DeLaney had taught him a ritual, one that had nothing to do with returning Dragonborn to the island, as Keggry was tricked into thinking. Instead the ritual caused all souls buried in the church yard to rise as Zombies.

“A travelling friar helped me with a ritual.”

“We developed a ritual that will bring prosperity and renewal to Krater and return the dragonborn to Castle Medrash. And it’s worked.”

“Krater has been in decline since the massacre at the castle. We need a strong leader, we need a Royal Family again, without them and the Dragonborn to support them Krater is doomed.”

Upon realising that he had caused the deaths of half Krater's population Father Keggry broke down in tears.

“I brought the Zombies?”

The party then left for Castle Medrash

Growing Crescent, 3rd Moon of the 542nd year (NYR)

Arriving at Castle Medrash early in the morning the party are attacked in the great hall by two ghosts.

A banging noise is coming from the tower.

Upon investigation the Goh discovers Rohan Wiseman trying to break down the door to Ostran's study.

When entering the study Fizpon has a funny turn.

Fizpon goes into a trance, a blank look falls across his face. He sits down at the stares at the opaque glass ball.

He calls out, “No. No! Rhogar it’s a trap. It’s a trap!”

“May the old gods save us. I have sent him into a trap. Where did young Kriv gather so many warriors from. And many of them Shadar’kai.”

“I must act quickly.”

Fizpon runs out of the study, down the stairs and into the main entry hall.

“Kelsee, kelsee, there you are.” He stands talking to thin air, right where Kelsee had been found turned to stone.

“We must warn Rhogar, he’s heading into a trap. Kriv has many more mercenaries than he lead me to believe. He has tricked me. Rhogar is in great danger.”

He stops and listens.

“Too late? What do you mean too late?”

He listens again, circling the empty space.

“They are attacking now, why didn’t you come and get me? How many? They’ll just be able to walk in with Rhogar and half the dragonborn gone.”

He turns to the doors

“Kriv, how did you get here?”

“What magic? You have not a magical bone in your worthless body! Where is Rhogar?” He turns to another door.


He pauses.

“You want what? All this for Rhogar’s blood.”

He turns to Kriv.

“You fool. I swore an outh to Bahamut to protect the dragonborn with my life, now you’ve led this madman here and brought downfall on us all. Well not if I can help it.”

He turns to Khelsee.

“Run. We must save your love.”

He doges something.

“No! Khelsee, I’m sorry!”

With this he casts a spell with a flick of his wrist in the direction of Cain then runs for the rose window and jumps through it into the courtyard, falling flat on his face and slipping into unconsciousness.