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Session Two : Death to the Goblins

Sometime during the night

Resolving last weeks cliffhanger, a dire boar erupted from the tree line and headed straight for Rhogar.

Pumbaa jokes aside the boar was quite quickly dispatched, after failing to charge Rhogar, damn his defensiveness!

Anyone else and it would have knocked them flying into the fire!

The final blow game from an impressive leap from on high by Goh. An attack that resulting in a devasting critical, some impressive damage, and breakfast.

The next morning. 9th Day, Fullmoon of the 1st Moon of the 542nd New Year

Somewhere on a desert island north of Bangeers

After breakfast Goh and Rhogar go to recon the tower.

Garec, Azlor, Cuthbert, Zin and Lucy stay and look for food. Which in a lush jungle isn't much trouble.

Rhogar and Goh approach the tower.

Cuthbert discovers some buried treasure, well at least the remains of some. Some gold and a potion. Not to mention a barrel of wine and a spyglass. So that's food and drink sorted.

Goh and Rhogar watch the tower for most the day. I quote from the module:

You see an ancient stone tower sitting upon a cliff top. It is decrepit and crumbling, a leftover remnant the World That Was. There appear to be three floors, the last of which is mostly open arches.

An unlit fire sits in this upper room and two goblins stand watch, looking out to sea for most of their time. Below the cliff, waves crash loudly against vicious pointed rocks, throwing salty spray as high as the cliff top. A number of goblins are picking through some wreckage, piloting a small rowboat with oars and long wooden poles.

As sun rises to its highest point of the day a black sailed barque arrives. It is crewed by around forty or fifty goblins. The ship picks its way carefully through the rocks and enters a cave in the cliff face. An hour later, it leaves again sitting much higher in the water, yet still crewed with as many goblins.

Rhogar and Goh report back to "the beach".

A ship is seen off the coast. Garec's spyglass skills show it to be the DukeOfSwinwick. The government official that accosted Garec and Azlor in the warehouse in Bangeers is onboard, looking straight at the beach with his telescope. Garec makes out the words. "He's not there captain. Make sail for Minok." Perhaps he is looking for AlistareGrimble.

It's agreed that when darkness falls Rhogar, Goh, Azlor and Garec will investigate the tower. Captain Zin will remain with the children on the beach. If the adventurers find a boat they promise to return and pick the others up.

Later that night

At the goblin tower

The party infiltrate the tower. At first just Goh by him self, stealthily scouts out the sound of each door he finds in the resulting corridor.

Garec and Goh slaughter eight sleeping goblins. Then in a three way attack, 7 more are slaughtered in various degrees of pain.

Garec melts a recently and rudely awoken goblin warrior.

Goh spares a goblin cook.

Azlor plays ping pong with a goblin's head.

Rhogar misses, Tony considers buying new dice!

The goblin cook mentions that there's a "Treasure room" upstairs. But then his common ain't too good, so there may be, there may not be. Anyway, the party decides to investigate upstairs before descending the 80ft pit to whatever is below the tower.