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Ships Manifest

This manifest was found in the Captain's cabin, aboard the ship Annastrianna.

Delivery Notes: Annastrianna out of Eladrinelle

Crate of Artwork:

  • Rubine Stravosky: Woman Bathing
  • Rubine Stravosky: The great plains
  • Virgil Musilli: The Eladrin Princess
  • Marakov Snell: Miskaken Identity

Paid dealer a total of 1000GP

Deliver to buyer Jaccard McNulty at Minok should get about 2000GP for that I hope.

Long Wooden Swordcase: Contains one sword.

Rupert Cooke instructed me to leave package at Freetown public house by the name of The Lonely Trawler for a "Mr Smith" of World's End?. Already paid by Rupert?.

Small wooden diamond shaped box

There's some trick to opening this that I can't grasp, contents unknown. Must deliver to Artemis Burke? in Freetown, Rupert? already paid for this.